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 Past Presentations 

Pseudoscience, Dr. Suzanne Willis, Department of Physics

This is Your Brain on Social Networking, Dr. Kristin Brynteson, Division of Outreach, Engagement, and Information Technologies and Dr. Melissa Scotti, Department of Psychology

The Trouble with Asian Carp, Vic Santucci, Illinois Department of Natural Resources

Star Gazing, David Hedin, Department of Physics and Donna Kubic, Astrophysicist at Fermilab

Making Stuff Stronger, Dr. Michael Haji-Sheikh, Department of Electrical Engineering

Making Stuff Smaller, Professor Tao Xu, Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry

Making Stuff Cleaner, Dr. Petr Vanysek, Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry

The Future of American Manned Flight, Joel Knapper, NASA Solar System Ambassador

Miracle Crops of Frankenfoods?, Dr. Thomas Sims, Department of Biological Sciences

For Your Eyes Only!, Dr. James Dillon, Department of Biological Sciences

The Impact of Tourism on Ecosystems, Dr. Melissa Lenczewski, Department of Geology and Environmental Geosciences

Be Smart About Using Credit and Debt, Judge John Squires and Attorneys Janice Alwin and Donna Wallace

Putting Worms to Work: An Introduction to Vermicomposting, Monika Merryman

Building Community, One Garden at a Time, Dan Kenney and Sheryl Nakanechy, DeKalb County Community Gardens

Going Native: The Perks of Native Landscaping, Dr. Janet Giesen

WISSARDs of the Antartica, Professor Ross Powell, Department of Geology and Environmental Geosciences

Gaming to Engage Your Mind, Dr. Brianno Coller, Department of Mechanical Engineering and Aline Click, Director of NIU eLearning Services

The Science of Beer, Jeremy Bogan, Head Brewer and Brewhouse Manager of Two Brothers Brewing Company

Star Gazing, Joel Knapper, NASA Ambassador, Paul Stoddard, Associate Professor Plate Tectonics, Geodynamics & Planetary, and Matthew Wiesner, Observatory Manager/Physicist

For Your Eyes Only: Part Two - The Retina, Elizabeth R Gaillard, Presidential Research Professor, Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry

Attack of the Drones? Abul Azad, Department of Technology, and David Gunkel, Department of Communication

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