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RobopocalypsePreventing the Robopocalypse
June 15-20, 2014
Campers Entering Grades 9-12

Are we destined to build smarter and smarter machines until we engineer our species out of existence? Find out during this week-long residential camp.

Campers will use Daniel H. Wilson's best-selling novel Robopocalypse as a basis to explore robotics, art and design, and creative writing.

Throughout this camp, students will work with STEM, art, and writing experts to build and program Lego Mindstorm robots, create conceptual designs for robots that can solve a problem facing humanity, and write creative stories about their robots. Campers will also talk with university experts on robotics and ethics who will shed light on what is happening in robotics and what implications these new technologies could have for humanity.

This interdisciplinary camp offers a unique experience for students to learn about robotics, art, design, ethics, and writing through the creative lens of a popular science fiction novel.

All campers will recieve their own copy of Robopocalypse before the camp.

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About the Book and Author

In Robopocalypse a powerful artificial intelligence called Archos becomes self aware and perpetrates a massive attack against humanity by taking control of the machines we have come to rely on. Everything from children's toys to self-driving cars to bomb-defusing robots are used to bring humanity to its knees. The survivors of the initial attacks will have to band together and find new ways to use technology to survive. Author Daniel H. Wilson has a master's degree in Artificial Intelligence and Robotics and a PhD in robotics from Carnegie Mellon University. He is the author of several novels and is currently adapting Robopocalypse for Steven Spielberg and DreamWorks.

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