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Many have concerns about the state's budget and pensions.

Every budget season in Springfield is filled with uncertainty, but this one promises to be more confusing than most. No doubt rumors will circulate and people will have questions they would like to have answered. In an effort to provide continuous and updated information and to reduce the stress caused from misinformation, we are providing this avenue to address potential rumors and questions from across campus. We will attempt to respond timely and factually to as many inquiries as time permits.

If you hear a rumor about budget cuts, layoffs, pensions or furloughs - or just have a question about the current Illinois budget crisis and how it affects NIU, please submit your concerns here. We will attempt to sort fact from fiction.

Questions can be submitted anonymously and responses will be posted online.

The status of the state budget and related legislative actions are constantly changing. Please note that any response represents the best information available to us as of the date of the response, and the status of any issue may be subject to change. All responses are subject to correction and do not constitute the official statements of university or state policy - which are subject to final state statutes and published university policies/regulations.

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