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High court overturns Illinois pension reform law


The Illinois Supreme Court on Friday struck down a 2013 pension reform law that sought to fix the stae’s employee pension crisis. The high court ruling forces the state to find another way to deal with the pension issue and other financial challenges the state faces.

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Rauner says budget ‘last, best chance’ to get state’s house in order


Illinois Gov. Bruce Rauner shared details of his first budget proposal during a Wednesday afternoon address in the state capitol, and he called for steep cuts, including a 31.5 percent cut in state public university appropriations, according to the budget detail.

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President Baker statement on Rauner budget proposal


Gov. Rauner today in his budget proposal for Fiscal Year 2016 has included a significant reduction in the state’s higher education appropriation. While the magnitude of his proposal is certainly of concern to us and greater than we had hoped, it is important to note that this is the beginning of a legislative process that will play out over the next few months.

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Rauner: ‘Competitiveness our watchword’


“Our agenda must be about empowerment, about empowering the people of Illinois to control their futures,” Governor Rauner said in outlining his first-year agenda during Wednesday’s annual Illinois State of the State Address to lawmakers at the state capitol.

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Rauner: ‘We all must shake up our old ways of thinking’


Bruce Rauner officially took the helm of Illinois Monday, Jan. 12, as the state’s 42nd governor.

Rauner, 57, said he’s getting ready to work toward getting Illinois back on track but warns it’s going to take some sacrifices.

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