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I plan to graduate at the end of the following semester:

Fall           Spring           Summer  

Select the option you intend to use:

 Thesis:            Comp. Exam:   

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This form contains two parts. In Part I, check the courses that you have already completed as well as the ones you are registered in the current semester.

In Part II, all students will fill in the courses that you are planning to register for in the next semester.

Part I

Check the courses you have already completed (if this is your first time filling in the form) AND the courses you are taking this semester:
STAT 570 - Introduction to Probability Theory
STAT 572 - Introduction to Mathematical Statistics  
STAT 573 - Statistical Methods and Models I  
STAT 573A - Statistical Computing Packages  
STAT 578 - Statistical Methods of Forecasting  
STAT 579 - Practice of Bayesian Statistics  
STAT 581 - Probabilistic Foundations of Actuarial Science  
STAT 585 - Life Contingencies and Payment Models I  
STAT 586 - Life Contingencies and Payment Models II  
STAT 591 - Programming and Computing in Statistics  
STAT 665 - Regression Analysis  
STAT 666 - Discrete Multivariate Data Analysis  
STAT 667 - Reliability and Life Testing  
STAT 668 - Methods in Biostatistics  
STAT 669 - Methods for Quality Control and Improvement  
STAT 670 - Probability Theory  
STAT 671 - Stochastic Processes  
STAT 672 - Theory of Statistics  
STAT 673 - Linear Models  
STAT 674 - Design and Analysis of Experiments  
STAT 675 - Multivariate Methods of Statistics  
STAT 676 - Distribution-Free Statistics  
STAT 677 - Sampling Techniques  
STAT 678 - Time Series Analysis  
STAT 679 - Advanced Statistical Methods  
STAT 680 - Bayesian Statistics  
STAT 691 - Statistical Consulting  
STAT 693 - Graduate Reading in Probability and Statistics
        Total hours of 693:
 STAT 699 - Master's Thesis
        Total hours of 699: 
STAT 775 - Topics in Statistics
        Total hours of 775:
STAT 785 - Asymptotic Theory of Statistics  
STAT 790 - Seminar in Statistics
        Total hours of 790:
MATH 799 - Doctoral Research and Dissertation
        Total hours of 799:

Part II - Spring 2017       

Please fill in the courses you plan to register for in the next semester:
 I will not take STAT courses in Spring 2017
 STAT 570 - Introduction to Probability Theory
 STAT 572 - Introduction to Mathematical Statistics  
 STAT 573 Statistical Methods & Models I  
 STAT 573A - Statistical Computing Packages  
 STAT 579 - Practice of Bayesian Statistics  
 STAT 581 - Probabilistic Foundations in Actuarial Science  
 STAT 585 - Life Contingencies and Payment Models I  
 STAT 669 - Methods of Quality Control and Improvement  
 STAT 673 - Linear Models  
 STAT 674 - Design and Analysis of Experiements  
 STAT 679 - Advanced Statistical Methods
 STAT 691 - Statistical Consulting  
 STAT 679/775 - Graduate Reading in Probabiliy and Statistics/Topics in Statistics    
 699 - Master's Thesis         Thesis Advisor:
Number of Hours in STAT 699 up to Fall 2016: 
 MATH 799 - Doctoral Dissertation
         Dissertation Advisor: 
 Number of Hours in MATH 799 up to Fall 2016: 

In order to help the division plan offering STAT 775 in semesters beyond Spring 2017, Ph.D. students must provide the following information. 

Total Hours in STAT 775 that I am obligated to take after Spring 2017:

PLEASE NOTE: If you plan to take STAT 790 in Spring 2017, remember to complete the Request to Add Reading, Topic or Seminar Course form before the end of the semester.

790 - Seminar in Statistics
Number of Hours:
Number of Hours completed so far:


Advisor's signature:

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