Statistical Consulting Services

Required Documents

If you are seeking our advice on design and analyses of your study, please bring the following required documents to your initial consulting session:

  • Abstract of your proposal and/or a clear statement of purpose of your project,
  • A list of research questions you want to answer,
  • Copies of relevant articles and earlier work on similar topics in your discipline.

If you are seeking our advice on data analyses or report writing after gathering your data, in addition to the above items please bring the following:

  • A copy of the experimental protocol,
  • A sample of data sheet,
  • An electronic copy of the complete data set (Microsoft Excel format is acceptable),
  • Results of any preliminary analyses performed.

At this point, our resources permit us to perform data analyses using SAS, SPSS and S-plus programming environments. We can also advise clients when they choose to perform their own statistical analyses using alternative software.