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Kelsi Spain

Kelsi Spain

#PeopleofNIU Photo by Scott Walstrom/Institutional Communications

Hometown: Pingree Grove, IL

Major: Elementary Education

What do you like most about NIU?
This past year, the College of Education has become my favorite thing about NIU. Not because I am there most of the time, and it is my major, but because the staff members and courses provide me with so many resources that are making me a better teacher-and person. Had it not been for the connections I have made in the COE, I would have never experienced the adventures I have during my college career.

Who are your favorite professors and why?
Julie Bartelt and Dr. James Cohen! They are both such amazing and effective teachers, and I hope to be half as effective as they are in my career. Julie has so much knowledge on how the classroom works, and her positive attitude is infectious. And Dr. Cohen knows how to discuss real-world topics with students in an effective way; he discusses issues with his students that I hope to discuss with my students one day.

Where’s your favorite spot on campus and why?
The learning center in Gabel Hall is where I am most of the time when I am not in class. I like how quiet it is, but there are always people from the COE in case I need help with something- and the free coffee and microwave is a great bonus.

What most surprised you about NIU?
The opportunities the university offers outside of coursework. Because I live off-campus, I assumed I would attend classes and have very little involvement within the school. However, because of the experiences NIU offers, in the last year I have traveled to Texas as part of Educate US, I have completed two internships, made so many connections in the education world, and I hope to participate in Educate Global next summer. I am so excited to see what opportunities I will experience in my last year at NIU!

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