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Common Core Resources: Understanding the CCSS

Achieve the Core  
Achieve the Core provides free online resources related to the Common Core State Standards. Some of these resources include professional development modules, presentations on the CCSS, lessons, facilitation guides, and tools. 

The Common Core Ate My Baby and Other Urban Legends by Timothy Shanahan

In this ASCD article, myths about the CCSS are brought to light and demystified. The article explains what the standards really entail.

Common Core State Standards Initiative

The Common Core State Standards Initiative present the CCSS in a an organized way and provides a variety of resources related to implementing the standards. 

CCSS and Educational Policy Webinar by Dr. Tim Shanahan, University of Illinois at Chicago

Hunt Institute Videos  
The Hunt Institute has produced a series of videos related to the Common Core Standards that explaines

  • How and why the standards were developed
  • The importance of the standard components
  • Breakdowns by levels

TextProject: Common Core State Standards

This site contains a wealth of articles and presentations to explain and offer ideas related to the CCSS.

Understanding Common Core State Standards, a free online book by John Kendall

John Kendall describes how the CCSS were created, solutions that were developed to address issues with the standards, and how the standards are organized.  The book also includes benefits and concerns related to teh CCSS, preparing to teach with the CCSS, establishing an implementation plan, and creating and gathering resources for support. 

Lessons with the CCSS

LearnZillion offers lessons, guides, related videos, and resources that are aligned to the Common Core standards. Find lessons, setup classes for students, and create assignments.  Teachers can access and use the site for free.  Schools and districts can pay for premium access for diagnostic and formative assessment, as well as professional learning communities.  


Readwritethink provides great peer-reviewed lesson plans that address the CC, as well as other classroom resources.

Share My Lesson
Share My Lesson provides a space where educators can collaborate and share their best teaching resources. This site was developed by teachers for teachers and allows for free access to teaching resources.  The site also includes a resource bank for Common Core State Standards resources and supports for implementing the standards in teaching and learning.

Online Tools for Education


GO2WEB20.net provides links to online tools and applications tagged by category to make the Web 2.0 tools easy to find. Many of the tools are free, while some are subscription-based for expanded services.

Kristin's Pinterest

Educational Technology expert Dr. Kristin Brynteson's Pinterest page has great links to tools, interactive sites, and articles to help integrate technology into the classroom.


Rubistar is a great place to quickly and easily build customizable rubrics. You can also search through rubrics developed by other educators.

Web 2.0 Cool Tools for Schools

Web 2.0 Cool Tools for Schools also categorizes Web 2.0 tools for educators and students and provides links. Many of the tools are free, while some are subscription-based for expanded services.