Chapter Annual Report/Survey

All Sigma Tau Delta chapters are required to complete an annual online report/survey by June 30. A link to the survey is emailed to Lead Sponsors each spring in mid-April.

The survey is multiple-choice, quick and easy, and a great source of ideas for successful chapter development and achievement. In fact, Outstanding Chapter Award applicants are required to submit a copy of their Annual Chapter Report as a synopsis of the previous year's activities.

Survey Results

The annual survey provides members a snapshot of the best practices of active, successful chapters. The results also provide Society leaders and Central Office staff with feedback about how best to support and serve our members and chapters.

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Survey Trends

Now with several years of comparable data, a pattern has begun to emerge that paints a picture of the typical Sigma Tau Delta chapter. In general, our chapters:

  • Hold meetings at least once every other month;
  • Induct somewhere between 5 and 15 new members each year;
  • Elect new officers every spring; and
  • Have a positive reputation on campus.

Other notable trends include:

Chapter Activities

Almost all chapters participate in activities during the year, creating engagement, providing enrichment, developing fellowship, and generating an incentive to join.

  • By far the most common activity is a new member induction ceremony. Over 95% of chapters hold such ceremonies at least once a year.
  • Nearly 75% of all chapters also host at least one social event during the year, such as a party, movie viewing, or book discussion.
  • Equally popular are events to recruit new members.
  • More than half of all chapters conduct at least one service project and hold at least one fundraiser.
  • Over 60% of chapters engage in writing and publishing activities. The most popular activity is publishing a chapter Facebook page or website. Other popular writing activities include producing a campus literary journal; submitting papers to the Sigma Tau Delta journals, regional conferences, and annual convention; and workshopping scholarship essays.
  • Almost 50% of chapters go on at least one field trip. The most popular destination is the annual convention, with regional and local conferences and events coming in a close second.

For more information about popular chapter activities, visit the Chapter Life section of this website, and in particular the Noteworthy Activity Database, which showcases the most interesting and original activities undertaken by chapters over the last few years.

Information and Communications

  • Over 90% of chapters get information about Sigma Tau Delta events and opportunities from the website.
  • More than 50% of chapters also enter their members' email addresses into Write Away, making it possible for all members to directly receive eNews and other timely Society information.
  • Over 95% of chapters use email to communicate with their members, and about 50% use social media for this purpose.


  • All chapters have undergraduate members; some chapters also have graduate students, associate or social members (students not yet eligible for full membership), faculty (beyond the Chapter Sponsor), and even active alumni members.
  • Most members are English (or English-related) majors or minors; about 10% of chapters have members from other majors and minors.

From Ordinary to Outstanding

The survey also reveals some interesting things about Sigma Tau Delta's most outstanding chapters—they are not necessarily large or well-funded, but they do routinely go above and beyond to stay informed, to remain active, and to take advantage of the opportunities and resources available to them. In addition to the standard practices highlighted above, outstanding chapters generally:

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