Organizational Development

Welcome to the SA Organizational Development page!

Here at the Student Association we believe that the success of student organizations is important because of the positive impact they have on the student body. Therefore, we are providing informational workshops and guides to help organizations maintain their success.

Every month, this page will contain a new “Organizational Guide” about various topics, solely for the purpose of enhancing student organizations. There will also be updates on informational workshops held by the Student Association Director of Organizational Development, Alex F. Thervil. So be on the look out for useful tools to help improve your organization!

Guide #1: “How to Transition into Your New Executive Position”

It's never too early or too late to learn the tools necessary for transitioning into executive board positions. Here are some useful suggestions for a smooth transition into your new position!

Guide #2: “There's no ‘I' in Team!”

Having trouble working effectively together? Working as a team can be very beneficial to the progression of your organization. Listed in this packet are a few tips to help get things going!

Guide #3: “Starting off Right ”

Spring semester is here! Listed in this guide are a few ways to help your organization start on the right track