Director of Cultural Affairs

Peter Kim

Peter Kim

Campus Life Building
Office 180P
DeKalb, IL 60115
(815) 753-9919
Office Hours:
Wed. 12:30 - 4:30PM 
Thurs. By appointment
Fri. 8:00-1:00PM


My name is Sang Hoon Kim and I am happy to introduce myself on behalf of the Student Association of the NIU Huskies. I am an international student from South Korea. Some of my unique experiences of me is being a foreign exchange student here at Illinois during my three years of high school experience. I had a great time being part of families and learning about the American lifestyles. Also, I am currently a member of Sigma Lambda Beta, a Latino based multicultural fraternity. Joining this fraternity allowed me to become an agent for cultural exchange by being part of a cultural group that I had never been very familiar with. I also served in the South Korean Army, which gave me the opportunity to really highlight my identity as a Korean individual. All these experiences enhanced my views of seeing this world in terms of diversity.

I am a junior majoring in Elementary Education. I chose my path based on the belief that education is a life long process. Despite the fact that I am learning how to become a teacher of a classroom, I believe that I am constantly learning while interacting with the students in my future classroom. I also believe that education is not only held in a classroom environment, but also in a non-classroom setting. Aside from all the courses that we enroll in order to pursue our dreams, there are immense learning opportunities out of the classrooms that we go into in our daily basis.

Where do these learning chances come from? The student organizations. It is only natural for us as students to have different interests other than our majors and minors. All of us want to rest our minds and engage in activities which best meets our very own interests. It is these interests that led students to create their unique organizations, which ultimately encouraged organizations to build up numerous events to promote themselves. These events, big or small, entertaining or not entertaining, have their unique purposes. As the Director of Cultural Affairs, my goal is to really encourage students to view these student led events as an opportunity for entertaining education. There are so much we can learn from our fellow Huskies as well.

I cannot guarantee you that I will bring the absolute success in terms of what I want to achieve. However, what I do want to say is that changes come from the smallest things. A penny might be worthless by itself, but a piggy bank filled with pennies can definitely make you want to go somewhere with it. I may end up being just a penny, but if I can motivate you to go somewhere, I would gladly throw myself in the piggy bank.

Thank you for allowing me to work with you, and I will try my best to assist you within my abilities.


Sang Hoon Kim