Director of Cultural Affairs

Director of Cultural Affairs

Sergio Gutierrez

Campus Life Building
Office 180P
DeKalb, IL 60115
(815) 753-9919
Office Hours:
Mon & Wed 9:30AM - 12:30PM
Tues 11:00AM - 1:30PM
Fri 2:00 - 4:30PM


My name is Sergio Gutierrez, and it gives me with great honor to serve as your Director of Cultural Affairs for the Student Association for the 2015-2016 Academic year. Going into my 5th and final year as a NIU Huskie, I am studying Communications with an emphasis in Media with a Minor in Civic Leadership and Civic Engagement. In my previous four years, I have witnessed many great things about this campus, and even cons that have not done well with our Campus and the student board. Witnessing and working with everyone I have in the past, has paved the direction for me to bring the best ideas for this upcoming year to my whole Student Association team to make it the best year at NIU ever.

I have just completed successful terms as President of both Sigma Lambda Beta International Fraternity Inc. and Supporting Opportunities for Latinos (SoL) this past academic year. With these 2 organizations, I was able to lead both organizations to the highest result ever produced, leading SoL to be one of the most improved and recognized organizations on campus and leading Sigma Lambda Beta to Chapter of the year in our Fraternity’s Region. I have help take part in coordinating many events such as a FIFA Tournament and a Car Show to events such as Cultural Pageants and Bullying and Rape Awareness seminars. I have also successfully engaged the whole community in our events that have been able to produce the most diversity seen on campus in years, as I initiated the Greek Feud Game Show with Sigma Sigma Sigma, we were able to bring all 4 Greek Councils for a fun evening in which no other event has done so.

As I commence my term as Director of Cultural Affairs, my goals are set to be: Engage, Support, & Unity. As we go into planning for the first month already, I am working with all centers to plan their welcome back events in which we planned to have them all back to back from a Wednesday to a Saturday. I am looking at promoting these events to all students, freshmen, transfers and those not involve in anything to come out and have a good time and get to know the organizations that make our Campus better off. All it takes is the initiative to go out and get to know people before making a great new change for them on campus. It is those students that do not get involve on campus that tend to fall behind and drop out of college.

Support and Unity go hand in hand. I will be reminding many organizations and students of all the great events that many organizations hold across Cultural Centers that benefit everyone, not just the students their organizations are based on. Remember, just because all organizations are based off a certain race or sexuality, doesn’t mean they do not welcome anyone and anyone is welcome to join. We hope that when organizations and students go out to support other events, a bond will be created in which future endeavors can occur and unite us all and hold the biggest events in the future to come.

I proudly take on this challenge of Director of Cultural Affairs because it is an challenge that many say it is easy to collaborate, but taking the initiative to do so is what many fail in doing. Coming up with ideas that can bring us together will hopefully create bigger events down the road. Before getting to that end goal, the bridges need to get started on getting built and we need to help and support each other in any means possible. Expect one of the biggest events on campus ever this upcoming October as I am currently working on it with a couple organizations to bring one of the most unified, education, and entertaining event to come to NIU ever!

Thank you for taking the time out to visit my page and if you have any questions or would like to get more information on how to get involved on campus, please feel free to contact me in any way possible!

Sergio Gutierrez