About Joe Frascello


Hello, Huskies!

My name is Joe Frascello and I am the President of the Northern Illinois Student Association (NIU SA). I got involved in our student government because I knew the best way to improve and maintain a quality college experience is by actively pursuing one. The NIU SA has given me the opportunity to gain valuable professional experience while advancing the values of the student population.

I look forward to working with the communiversity which includes the
students, the faculty and staff, the local government and community
members. Click here to view my "President's message".

My experiences:

  • 2014-15 President of the NIU SA
  • 2013-14 Director of Mass Transit
  • 2012-13 Vice Chairman of the Mass Transit Board and Senator
  • 2012-15 Member of Sigma Alpha Mu (Gamma Lambda chapter)
  • Senior Political Science Major

Warmest regards,

Joe Frascello
Student Association
Northern Illinois University
Campus Life Building 180
Phone: (815)753-9923

Some of my appearances in the Northern Star:

President's Reports:

  1. First Report (September 2014)
  2. Second Report (October 2014)
  3. Third Report (November 2014)
  4. Fourth Report (January 2015)
  5. Fifth Report (February - March 2015)