Research Rookies Student Profile

ashley kyle

Name: Ashley Kyle

Major: Nutrition & Dietetics

Year in School: Freshman

Mentor: Dr. Sheila Barrett, Nutrition & Dietetics 

Hometown: Lacon, Illinois

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About Ashley: 

Leadership roles: High school volleyball team captain and Sunday School teacher
I am involved in: Student Dietetics Association (2013), SDA Committee (2013), Research Rookies (2013), Youth Group (2005-2013), softball - travel and school (2004-2013), volleyball (2006-2013), Sunday School teacher (2009-2013), science club (2009-2013), WYSE (2012), and basketball (2006-2011).

A scholarship I have received is the NIU Scholars.

An academic goal: My academic goals include graduating early, graduating with Upper Division Honors, and maintaining my honors status. 
Career goal: I plan to become a Registered Dietitian and frequently publish research in my field that will benefit others. 

How will Research Rookies help you further your academic and career goals?: Research Rookies gives me the opportunity to understand the research process in my chosen profession, so therefore I am one step ahead of other students my age. This will give me an advantage academically because not only do I better understand the process, but also because other teachers would be more interested in allowing me to work with them. Career-wise, I will already have experience so that will greatly help my transition from student to employee, and again, I will already be familiar with the research process so I can begin my own research easily. 

When I'm not studying, I like to read books for pleasure, spend quality time with my family and friends, and relax by playing sand volleyball.

ashley kyle end of year celebration

Celebrating Ashley's completion of the Research Rookies program with Dr. Julia Spears.