Research Rookies


The 2016-17 Research Rookies application is now open. The preferred application deadline is Friday, July 15, 2016 at 11:59pm.

Meet the class of 2015-16 Research Rookies

Research Rookies links undergraduate first-year, sophomore, and first-semester transfer students with faculty mentors in their major or area of interest to conduct a small-scale research project. Research Rookies is open to students from all colleges, departments, and majors. Students of diverse backgrounds, including underrepresented minority students, students from economically disadvantaged and underserved backgrounds and students with disabilities, are strongly encouraged to apply.

As a Research Rookie, students will:

  • Learn what research looks like in their field of study
  • Learn how to write a formal research proposal
  • Gain experience working alongside talented faculty
  • Attend professional and academic enrichment activities
  • Present their work at the annual Undergraduate Research and Artistry Day
  • Receive a $500 stipend at the completion of the program

Participating in Research Rookies is the perfect way for highly motivated students to connect with one another as well as with supportive faculty and staff.

For more information on Research Rookies, please email or call (815)-753-8156.

Simmon Scholars

Double Huskies Jaymie and Harry Simmon were inspired by some of our best and brightest when they attended Undergraduate Research and Artistry Day in 2011. They viewed more than 120 student presentations, including several from participants in Research Rookies. They were so impressed with the students’ work and Research Rookies , they were inspired to help.

As a result of that visit, they made a significant gift to provide scholarship and program support for five students from a STEM or health field. Simmon Scholar students are awarded this honor for their academic performance and commitment to Research Rookies. The 2015-16 Simmon Scholars are Marissa Dawson, Ryan Lewis, Hnin Eaindray Lin, Gardenia Pacheco, and Zohra Sattar.

Zohra Sattar, Marissa Dawson, Ryan Lewis, Harry Simmon, Jaymie Simmon, Gardenia Pacheco, Hnin Eaindray Lin

From left to right: Zohra Sattar, Marissa Dawson, Ryan Lewis, Harry Simmon, Jaymie Simmon, Gardenia Pacheco, Hnin Eaindray Lin