Psychological Services Center

Anxiety Disorders Service

As with all evaluations at the Psychological Services Center, evaluations made specifically for the Anxiety Disorders Service are conducted at no charge to both students and non-students. Evaluations are also conducted out of the Psychological Services Center, and all appointments are scheduled by calling the PSC secretary (753-0591) or by coming into the office, which is located in the one story circular building in front of the NIU Psychology/Computer Science Building facing Normal Road.

The Anxiety Disorders Service recognizes that our treatment programs are not for everyone. We begin with a two-session evaluation that helps us come to a better understanding of the problem. The evaluation sessions are provided at no cost to the client. At the end of the evaluation process, we summarize our findings and the treatment options that are available and discuss the treatments that are likely to be helpful. These options often involve services available in our clinic, from other mental health professionals in the community, or some combination of services.

If you would like to consult the Director of the Anxiety Disorders Service, Dr. David Valentiner, telephone him at (815) 753-5500. Additional contact information can be located at Dr. Valentiner's Homepage.