Graduate Program in School Psychology

School Psychology Faculty and Staff

Michelle K. Demaray

School Psychology

Michelle Demaray

Office: 357 Psychology
Phone: 815-753-7077
Research interests: Bullying and victimization in schools, including cyber-bullying and cyber-victimization, and the role of bystanders in the bullying situation; Measurement of social support and the relations among perceived social support in youth and positive and negative outcomes; Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD); social-emotional issues in schools.

Christine K. Malecki

Professor, Director of School Psychology Program
School Psychology

Christine Malecki

Office: 312 Psychology
Phone: 815-753-1836
Research interests:  Students' perceived social support, curriculum-based measurement (CBM), the relationship between social context and academic achievement, and alternative school psychological service models.

Gregory A. Waas

Associate Professor, Chair of Department of Psychology
School and Developmental Psychology

Greg Waas

Office: 310 Psychology
Phone: 815-753-3508
Research interests: Social cognition; peer relations; children's perception of peer deviance; peer harassment/victimization

Amy E. Luckner

Visiting Assistant Professor
School Psychology

Amy Luckner

Office: 359 Psychology
Phone: 815-753-0098
Research interests:
Social processes in the school environment; factors that enhance or impede students’ engagement in school; aggressive and playful relational behaviors and their relation to adjustment.
NOTE: Dr. Luckner does not currently anticipate admitting a new student for the 2015-2016 school year. 

Vinita Menon, Ph.D., NCSP

Visiting Assistant Professor

Vinita Menon

Licensed Clinical Psychologist
Supervisor, School Psychology Team
NIU Psychological Services Center
Advanced Practicum Instructor

Don Sibley, NCSP

Faculty Adjunct

Don Sibley

Educationally Licensed School Psychologist
Supervisor and Instructor, First Year Practicum

Elise Frank Masur

Professor Emeritus
Developmental and School Psychology

Elise Masur

Office: 815-753-7081
Phone: 367 Psychology
Research interests: Parent-infant interaction; language and pre-literacy development; infant play and TV exposure

Arielle M. Sherman

Program Assistant
School Psychology

Office: 555 Psychology
Phone: 815-753-7078