Graduate Program in Neuroscience & Behavior

Neuroscience and Behavior Faculty

James V. Corwin

Professor Emeritus (Ph.D., University of Kentucky, 1979)

Research Interests: Recovery of function from brain damage; prefrontal cortex; neural mechanisms underlying attention and spatial behavior.



Angela Grippo

Associate Professor

Research interests: Interactions among social behavior, stress, and the heart; association of depression and heart disease; animal models of psychological disorders and stress.



Leslie Matuszewich

Associate Professor (Ph.D., State University of New York at Buffalo, 1997)

Research Interests: Effects of chronic and acute stress on behavior and the brain; neurotransmitter regulation of the stress response; animal models of depression; neural regulation of sexual behavior in rats.



Douglas G. Wallace

Associate Professor (Ph.D., Kent State University, 2000)

Research Interests: Rodent models of Alzheimer's disease and Parkinson's disease; topographical disorientation; neuro-ethology.