Graduate Program in Cognitive & Instructional Psychology

Cognitive and Instructional Faculty Members

M. Anne Britt

Professor (Ph.D., University of Pittsburgh, 1991)

Dr. Britt is an expert on advanced literacy learning. Among other projects, she is developing a web-based platform to teach students to comprehend and construct arguments.

Dr. Britt's home page


Joseph Magliano

Associate Professor (Ph.D., University of Memphis, 1992)

Dr. Magliano is interested in the comprehension of text, film, and multi-media. He is an authority on using think aloud protocols in conjunction with other variables to uncover comprehension processes.



Keith K. Millis

Professor (Ph.D., University of Memphis, 1989)

Dr. Millis examines how situation models are constructed and related to individual differences, working memory, and aesthetic experiences.



Katja Wiemer

Assistant Professor (Ph.D., University of Memphis, 2000)

Dr. Wiemer is an expert on abstract concepts. She, along with Drs. Magliano and Millis, are currently developing a computerized tutor that uses LSA to understand peoples reading strategies.


Affiliated Faculty

Bradford Pillow

(Ph.D., Stanford University)

Cognitive development; metacognition and social cognition; children's perspective-taking abilities; children's conceptions of cognitive processes; children's explanation of others' actions.