Graduate Program in Clinical Psychology

Clinical Seminars, Meetings, and Brown Bags

Family Violence and Sexual Assault Seminar

  • Bimonthly meetings are held during the academic semester on Fridays, from 12:00 p.m. to 1:00 p.m.
  • Topics related to family violence and sexual assault will be presented and discussed.
  • Please contact Dr. Holly Orcutt for further information about room locations during the Spring 2014 semester.
Date Presenter Title

Ericka Rutledge, Department of Psychology & CSFVSA, NIU Got my mindset on you: How parental implicit theories influence perceptions, evaluations, and disciplinary reactions to child transgressions
03/07/14 Lynsey Miron, Department of Psychology & CSFVSA, NIU Revictimization among survivors of childhood abuse: Examining relations between pathology, affect regulation, and sexual risk
03/28/14 Fred Markowitz, Department of Sociology, NIU Police Response to Domestic Violence: Situations Involving Veterans Exhibiting Signs of Mental Illness
04/11/14 Randy McCarthy, CSFVSA, NIU Family Maltreatment Before, During, and After Combat Deployments

Child Interest Group Brown Bag

  • Bimonthly meetings are held in room PM136 during the academic semester on Fridays, from 12-1:00pm.  
  • Topics related to child clinical psychology, developmental psychology, and developmental psychopathology will be presented and discussed.
  • For further information about the Child Interest Group and the Brown Bag series, please contact Dr. Laura Pittman at  
Date Presenter Title
01/31/14 Lauren Laake, MA from Northern Illinois University, Dept. of Psychology Honing in on Happiness: Positivity among Infants and Mothers may Promote Early Language Development
02/14/14 Erin Edwards from Northern Illinois University, Dept. of Psychology Maternal Anxiety, Contextual Risk, and Young Children's Behavioral Inhibition: Implications for Child Anxiety
02/28/14 Kristin Valentino, Ph.D. from University of Notre Dame, Dept. of Psychology Fostering Healthy Development in Maltreated Preschool-Aged Children
03/21/14 Michelle Demaray, Ph.D., from Northern Illinois University, Dept. of Psychology The Measurement and Importance of Bystander Behavior in Bullying
04/04/14 2014-2015 Child Brown Bag Planning Meeting Come with updates on your progress on the goals you stated at the beginning of the year and your ideas for next year
04/18/14 Rebecca Silton, Ph.D. from Loyola University, Chicago, Dept. of Psychology The Double Edged Sword of Executive Function Plasticity: Neural Correlates of Deficits and Strengths

Anxiety Research Topics Seminar 

The Anxiety Research Topics (ART) group will meet during the Fall Semester on Fridays, 11:00-11:45 AM, in room PM 412. These sessions provide a way to learn about the research in our department related to anxiety and anxiety disorders. Graduate and undergraduate students working in the Lilly, Orcutt, Paul, Valentiner, & Wu research labs and other interested persons (faculty, graduate students, and select undergraduate students) are invited to attend. Questions can be directed to David Valentiner (, 815-753-7086). Here is the schedule:

Date Presenter Title
08/29/14 NA Introductory meeting
09/05/14 NA Kevin meets with first year students
09/12/14 NA David and Lisa meet with first year students
09/26/14 NA Holly and Michelle meet with first year students
10/10/14 Sapir Sasson Blaming the Victim: The Role of Assault Characteristics and Victim Attractiveness
10/24/14 Dr. Michelle Lilly “PTSD and 911 responders”
10/31/14 Various ISTSS Presentations
11/07/14 Various ABCT Presentations
11/14/14 Various ABCT Presentations