Graduate Program in Clinical Psychology

Clinical Seminars, Meetings, and Brown Bags

Family Violence and Sexual Assault Seminar

  • Bimonthly meetings are held during the academic semester on Fridays, from 12:00 p.m. to 1:00 p.m.
  • Topics related to family violence and sexual assault will be presented and discussed.
  • Meetings will be held at the Center for the Study of Family Violence and Sexual Assault.  (See here for directions)
Date Presenter Title
09/19/14 Scott Picket Men's Responses to Social Stress: Individual Differences & Implications for Relationship Aggression
10/17/14 Mary C. Mercer The Impact of Social Influence on Men and Women's Risk Recognition of Sexual Assault
10/31/14 Holly Orcutt, Susan Hannan, & Antonia Seligowski Fear Potentiated Startle & the Relation to Emotion Dysregulation in a Sample of Undergraduate Women Exposed to a Campus Mass Shooting
12/05/14 Andrew Sherrill & Phylice Lim Trauma-related Memory Disturbance: Are the Origins Rooted in Maladaptive Encoding or Maladaptive Metamemory?

Child Interest Group Brown Bag

  • Bimonthly meetings are held in room PM136 during the academic semester on Fridays, from 12-1:00pm.  
  • Topics related to child clinical psychology, developmental psychology, and developmental psychopathology will be presented and discussed.
  • For further information about the Child Interest Group and the Brown Bag series, please contact Dr. Nina Mounts at
Date Presenter Title
01/16/15 Alan Kazdin, Ph.D.
Director, Institute of Social Policy Studies
Director, Parenting Center

John M. Musser
Professor of Psychology
Department of Psychology
Yale University
(Recording of the Yale Presidential Inauguration Symposium, October 11, 2013)
Bullying: Fascinating Features and Intervention
01/30/15 Julie Ramisch, Ph.D., LMFT
Assistant Professor
Director of Marriage and Family Therapy Program
Northern Illinois University
Focusing on Families with Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder
02/13/15 TBA TBA
02/27/15 Grayson Holmbeck, Ph.D.
Director of Clinical Program; Professor
Department of Psychology
Loyola University
TBA (research on adolescents with spina bifida)
03/20/15 NA No meeting -- Biennial meeting of the Society for Research in Child Development, Philadelphia
04/03/15 Various Poster Day in Room 412
04/09/15 John Cacioppo, Ph.D.
Tiffany & Margaret Blake Distinguished Service Professor
Director, Center of Cognitive and Social Neuroscience
Department of Psychology/Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Neuroscience
University of Chicago
TBA (research on the neuroscience of loneliness, held in Heritage Room in Holmes Student Center)
04/17/15 Thomas Pavkov, Ph.D.
Chair and Professor
School of Family, Consumer, and Nutrition Sciences
Northern Illinois University
TBA (research on family dynamics, atypical adolescent development, child maltreatment, delinquency)

Anxiety Research Topics Seminar 

The Anxiety Research Topics (ART) group will meet during the Fall Semester on Fridays, 11:00-11:45 AM, in room PM 412. These sessions provide a way to learn about the research in our department related to anxiety and anxiety disorders. Graduate and undergraduate students working in the Lilly, Orcutt, Paul, Valentiner, & Wu research labs and other interested persons (faculty, graduate students, and select undergraduate students) are invited to attend. Questions can be directed to David Valentiner (, 815-753-7086). Here is the schedule:

Date Presenter Title
01/23/15 NA Brainstorm ABCT submission ideas
02/06/15 Sara Wyman “Perfectionism and Cognitive Functioning: Clarifying Relationships Between OCD and OCPD”
02/20/15 MC Mercer “Social influence and sexual assault: Replication, extension, and discussion for a dissertation project”
03/06/15 David Valentiner “Shyness mindset and motivation for social anxiety disorder treatment”
03/27/15 Antonia Seligowski “The impact of mindfulness meditation on fear load and fear inhibition: Examining parasympathetic activation as an underlying mechanism”
04/10/15 Susan Hannan “Emotion regulation choice in undergraduate students with PTSD symptoms”
04/24/15 Phylice Lim “A PTSD Analogue Study: Investigating the Roles of Memory and Metamemory in Predicting Trauma-Related Outcomes”