Graduate Programs

Cognitive/Instructional - Developmental - School Psychology (CIDS)

What is CIDS?

CIDS is the multidisciplinary grouping of the Cognitive/Instructional Psychology program, the Developmental Psychology program, and the School Psychology program.  Having the CIDS area allows students in each o four programs to learn to interrelate conceptual, methodological, and applied information from cognitive, developmental, and school psychology domains. Links to each of our programs are listed below.

  • The cognitive/instructional psychology track focuses on discourse processing and advanced literacy skills within instructional and technological settings. For more information about the Cognitive/Instructional program, contact Dr. Katja Wiemer at
  • The developmental psychology track focuses on the processes involved in behavioral development throughout the lifespan, including cognitive, memory, language and social development. For more information about the Developmental Psychology program, contact Dr.Brad Pillow at
  • The NASP-approved school psychology track prepares students to function in multiple professional roles including treatment, assessment, and consultative modalities. In addition to course work, students in school psychology complete a graduated progression of practical field experiences and a nine-month internship. For more information about the School Psychology program, contact Dr. Christine Malecki at