M. Anne Britt

M. Anne Britt, Ph.D.
Professor of Psychology

Phone: (815)753-7082
Fax: (815)753-8088
Office: PM 363


Ph.D.: University of Pittsburgh, 1991


Argument comprehension and production. Technology and literacy education. Integration of semantic information across multiple documents. Learning and reasoning from multiple documents.


  • Psyc 305 Research Methods
  • Psyc 345 Cognitive Psychology
  • Psyc 604 Advanced Statistics


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  • Acquiring Research Investigative and Evaluative Skills (ARIES) for Scientific Inquiry R305B070349 (2007-2011). U.S. Department of Education. PI: Keith Millis. Co-PI’s: M. Anne Britt, Katja Wiemer-Hastings, and Joe Magliano.
  • Creating a Usable Environment to Teach Argument Comprehension and Production SkillsR305H050133 (2005-2008). U.S. Department of Education. PI: M. Anne Britt. Co-PI’s Peter Wiemer-Hastings, Christopher R. Wolfe.
  • Improving students comprehension and construction of arguments R305H020039 (2002-2005). U.S. Department of Education. PI: M. Anne Britt. Co-PI’s Kimberly Lawler-Sagarin, Christopher R. Wolfe.