Course Fees

Undergraduate Program:

  • Undergraduate majors are required to complete two psychology laboratory courses. Each of these courses requires a $25.00 lab fee.

Graduate Program:

Depending on their program emphasis, graduate students may enroll in courses with established fees. Provided below is a list of graduate program courses with such fees:

  • PSYC 604: Analysis of Variance and Hypothesis Testing in Psychological Research ($35.00)
  • PSYC 606: Correlation and Regression Analysis in Psychological Research ($35.00)
  • PSYC 640: Theory and Assessment of Intellectual Functioning ($25.00)
  • PSYC 642: Personality Assessment ($25.00)
  • PSYC 646: Psychological Assessment of Children ($25.00)
  • PSYC 653: Practicum in School Psychology ($25.00)
  • PSYC 654: Practicum in Psychotherapy ($25.00)