Undergraduate Programs

Public Administration and Service Emphasis

The emphasis in public administration and service is designed primarily for students seeking a career in federal, state, or local government; in non-profits; or in regional quasi-governmental bodies such as public authorities, special districts, or councils of government. 

Course Offerings

Northern Illinois offers students in the field a broad range of courses in politics, public policy, and administration to prepare students for graduate work in public administration, political science, or public law, and/or employment in the public or non-profit sectors. Course themes students may choose from include the following:

  • American government and politics
  • Local government and politics
  • Democracy in America
  • Political philosophy
  • Comparative politics
  • Foreign policy making
  • International relations
  • Public bureaucracy
  • Life sciences and biomedicine
  • Energy, the environment, and social welfare
  • Governmental regulation
  • U.S. political institutions (Congress, Presidency, political parties and elections)
  • Metropolitan governance and government

Graduates with an emphasis in public administration and service have the opportunity to apply for acceptance into the nationally renowned Northern Illinois University Masters in Public Administration (MPA) Program. The MPA program offers students the opportunity to concentrate their studies in urban management (rated # 4 in the nation by U.S. News and World Report), fiscal administration (rated # 8 in the nation by U.S. News and World Report), public management and leadership, human service administration, or comparative and developmental administration.

For further information about the undergraduate emphasis in Public Administration and Service or the NIU MPA program, please contact Dr. Heidi Koenig at hkoenig@niu.edu.