Graduate Programs

Registry of Non-POLS Courses for Political Science Research Tools

Courses Offered Qualitative Quantitative
ANTH 560: Methods in Ethnography   X  
ANTH 653: Culture Theory   X  
ECON 591: Mathematical Methods for Economics Every fall   X
ECON 690: Econometrics I     X
ECON 7690: Econometrics II     X
PSYC 604: Advanced Statistics Every fall   X
PSYC 606: Experimental Design Every spring   X
SOCI 675: Sociological Statistics Every fall   X
SOCI 676: Advanced Research Methodology Every spring   X
WOMS 530: Research in Women's Studies Once/year X  
STAT 572:  Introduction to Mathematical Statistics     X
STAT 573: Statistical Models and Methods I     X
STAT 574: Statistical Methods and Models II     X
STAT 578: Statistical Methods of Forecasting     X
STAT 675: Multivariate Methods of Statistics     X
HIST 597: Oral History   X  
ETR 525: Qualitative Research Methods in Education   X