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Political Science Student Advisory Committee

The Political Science Student Advisory Committee (POLS-SAC) is a group of student leaders that acts as a liaison between the department’s faculty and undergraduate students. The committee serves as a mechanism for program evaluation and improvement. It solicits and provides student input on proposed policy changes within the department’s undergraduate program, and may initiate proposed changes for consideration by the appropriate faculty committees. POLS-SAC may independently or in conjunction with other department groups organize and administer special events and activities related to the study and practice of political science. In the past, POLS-SAC played an important role in the hiring of a new faculty member.

Its membership includes at least one political science major from each of the department’s four undergraduate emphases (international politics, politics, public administration & service, and public law), one representative from each student organization that has been affiliated with the department for two consecutive years and has 20 or more members, and two at-large members. Each POLS-SAC member will serve for one academic year and may serve no more than three terms. POLS-SAC meets at least twice a semester, but can be convened more frequently if necessary.

The Political Science/Pre-Law/Public Administration Dormitory Floor, Model Illinois Government, and Model United Nations will designate an existing officer or another member in good standing to serve as their POLS-SAC representatives.