Course Offerings

Spring 2014 Video Course Descriptions

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Rebecca Hannagan
POLS 100-1 Intro to American Government 

Adam Seagrave
POLS 150-2 Democracy in America

Robert Brathwaite
POLS 285-1 Intro to International Relations

Rebecca Hannagan
POLS 301 Political Psychology

Scot Schraufnagel
POLS 303 State and Local Government

Steve Berg
POLS 330 Bureaucracy & Public Policy Process

Scot Schraufnagel
POLS 340-1 Political Analysis

Bertrand Simpson
POLS 358 Religion and The Constitution

Andrea Radasanu
POLS 359-1 War, Empire and Ethics

Michael Buehler
POLS 365-1 The Origins of Politics

Mitch Pickerill
POLS 410 Constitutional Law I

Brendon Swedlow
POLS 412 Constitutional Law III

Thomas Arado
POLS 415 Criminal Law

Andrea Radasanu
POLS 494 Senior Seminar in Political Science