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Social Justice and Diversity Pathway


Coordinator:Laura Vazquez

As a member of our diverse and complex society, it’s important that you are able to understand social issues from perspectives other than your own, separate fact from opinion and be willing to participate in public dialogs in an educated and thoughtful way. Your voice, your perspective are important for positive social change. So prepare yourself to responsibly engage in social decision-making (VOTE!), understand the political and economic processes that guide policy and develop an understanding of people of different social identities.

Work with your advisor to select one course from each category below to earn your Social Justice and Diversity Pathway focus (all are three credit courses unless otherwise noted).

Select one of the following Creativity and Critical Analysis courses:
ENGL 117 - Literature of Social Justice
EPS 430 - Becoming Adult in Postmodern Contexts
ETT 231 - Digital Visual Literacy for Learning
HIST 260 - American History to 1865

Select one of the following Nature and Technology courses:
ANTH 240 - Becoming Human: Discovering Human Origins
ENVS 210 - Introduction to Sustainable Food Systems
GEOG 253 - Environment and Society

Select one of the following Society and Culture courses:
ANTH 302 - Asian American Cultures
BKST 200 - Racism in American Culture and Society
BKST 440 - Black Liberation Movements
COMS 362 - Intercultural Communication
COMS 403 - Freedom of Speech and Communication Ethics
COMS 410 - Communication and Gender
EPFE 440 - Education for Social Justice
ETT 211 - Technology in a Diverse Society
HIST 271 - The African-American Since 1865
LGBT 350 - Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Studies
NNGO 100 - Community Leadership and Civic Engagement
SOCI 270 - Social Problems
WGST 101 - Women, Sex, and Gender Today
WGST 324 - Women in Science
-OR- BIOS 324X - Women in Science
-OR- GEOG 324X - Women in Science