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Origins and Influences Pathway


Coordinator: Sue Deskis

“Those who do not learn history are doomed to repeat it.” –George Santayana
“You don’t know where you’re going until you know where you’ve been.” –English Proverb

Our past shapes everything about our current world – language, culture, politics and traditions, to name a few. That also means our current society sets a path for our future. To really understand who we are and where we’re going, we have to understand who we were and where we came from. You’ll take a long view of our past, reaching back to the beginning of our planet and the development of humans as a species. At the same time, you’ll examine current issues like race, gender and sexuality in our society.

Work with your advisor to select one course from each category below to earn your Origins and Influences Pathway focus (all are three credit courses).

Select one of the following Creativity and Critical Analysis courses:
ARTH 282 - Introduction to World Art
ENGL 315 - Readings in Shakespeare
EPFE 321 - History of American Education
FLCL 271 - Classical Mythology
FLRU 361 - Russian Culture and Literature
HIST 170 - World History I: Problems in the Human Past
IDSP 225 - Introduction to Medieval Society and Culture
MUHL 220 - Introduction to Western Musical Traditions
POLS 251 - Introduction to Political Philosophy
THEA 370 - History of Theatre and Drama I
WGST 202 - Women and Cultural Expression

Select one of the following Nature and Technology courses:
ARTH 331 - Art, Nature and Technology 1400 to 1800
GEOL 103 - Planetary and Space Science
GEOL 120 - Introductory Geology
PHYS 162 - Elementary Astronomy

Select one of the following Society and Culture courses:
ARTH 310 - Studies in Ancient and Middle-Eastern Art
ARTH 330 - Studies in Early Modern European Art
GEOG 202 - World Regional Geography
HIST 270 - The African-American to 1865
HIST 381 - Colonial Latin America