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Health and Wellness Pathway


Coordinator: Steve Howell

Our minds and bodies are interconnected in really interesting ways that affect our personal health and well-being and the well-being of our society. It’s up to each one of us to make good decisions about our own health and create opportunities for a healthy society. Learn how to optimize your quality of life and how personal well-being affects our society’s well-being.

Work with your advisor to select one course from each category below to earn your Health and Wellness Pathway focus (all are three credit courses).

Select one of the following Creativity and Critical Analysis courses:
COMS 203 - Interpersonal Communication Skills
COMS 480 - Communication and Conflict Management
ENGL 110 - Literature and Popular Culture
JOUR 350 - Environment, Health, and the Media
KNPE 393 - Social Aspects of Sport

Select one of the following Nature and Technology courses:
BIOS 109 - Human Biology
KNPE 100 - Scientific Basis of Human Activity
NUTR 201 - Human Nutrition
PSYC 481 - Drugs and Behavior

Select one of the following Society and Culture courses:
ANTH 465 - Medical Anthropology
HDFS 280 - Human Development, the Family, and Society
HIST 361 - History of Health and Medicine in the United States
HIST 386 - History of Human Rights
KNPE 111 - Sport: Culture and Society
LESM 365 - Communication Strategies in Sport and Exercise
PHHE 206 - Contemporary Health Concepts
PHHE 295 - Introduction to Public Health
PHHE 315 - Introduction to Health Promotion
PHIL 336 - Biomedical Ethics
POLS 220 - Introduction to Public Policy
-OR- PSPA 220X - Introduction to Public Policy