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Global Connections Pathway


Coordinator: Abu Bah

You probably interact with people across the globe every day. The internet, and social media sites in particular, make it very easy to share ideas, form friendships and have conversations with people who you otherwise wouldn't have met. But we share much more than just digital space with our global neighbors. Learn about how our cultures, economies, ecosystems and political systems are interconnected, and gain the knowledge and skills you need to be a successful professional in our global community.


Work with your advisor to select one course from each category below to earn your Global Connections Pathway focus (all are three credit courses).

Creativity and Critical Analysis 

ARTH 294 - Art History Survey: Arts of Asia
HIST 140 - Asia to 1500
HIST 141 - Asia Since 1500
ILAS 100 - Introduction to Latin American Civilization

Nature and Technology 

GEOG 101 - Introduction to Environmental Geography
GEOL 104 - Introduction to Ocean Science
MEE 101 - Energy and the Environment

Society and Culture

ANTH 220 - Introduction to Cultural Anthropology
BKST 219 - Introduction to African Studies
GEOG 204 - Geography of Economic Activities
HIST 343 - History of Southeast Asia Since ca. 1800
HIST 349 - African History Since 1600
HIST 382 - Modern Latin America
HIST 388 - The Cuban Revolution and Its Legacy
MUHL 431 - Music of Southeast Asia
NUTR 406 - Global Food and Nutrition Issues
POLS 260 - Introduction to Comparative Politics
SEAS 225 - Southeast Asia: Crossroads of the World