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Creativity, Innovation and Change Pathway


Coordinator: Sarah Marsh

Creativity fuels innovation which leads to change. Without one, you can’t have the other. You’ll be working in a world of constant change, so why not learn about different types of creativity and innovation, how those work within groups or through individuals, and how you can inspire, encourage and use creative thought to be successful in your career?

Work with your advisor to select one course from each category below to earn your Creativity, Innovation and Change Pathway focus (all are three credit courses unless otherwise noted).

Select one of the following Creativity and Critical Analysis courses:
ARTH 292 - Art and Design since 1900
ARTH 340 - Studies in Modern and American Art
ARTH 350 - Studies in Contemporary Art
FSMD 262 - Design Trends in Western Costume
HIST 352 - Popular Culture in Japan
HIST 369 - Women in United States History
MEE 382 - Design Thinking
MGMT 227 - Entrepreneurship, Innovation, and Sustainability
MGMT 311 - Social Entrepreneurship
MGMT 327 - Creativity, Innovation, and Entrepreneurship
MUHL 221 - Introduction to Jazz Music
TH-D 222 - Dance and the Fine Arts
TH-D 474 - Dance Philosophy and Aesthetics
THEA 203 - Introduction to Theatre

Select one of the following Nature and Technology courses:
ELE 100 - Elements of Electronics
ISYE 100 - Fundamentals of Manufacturing Systems
ISYE 250 - Introduction to Lean Systems Engineering*
ISYE 420 - Introduction to Energy Management Systems
TECH 294 - Technology and Cultural Relevance

Select one of the following Society and Culture courses:
ARTE 109 - Strategic Visual Thinking
HIST 355 - History of Black American Music
MGMT 417 - Leading and Managing Change
SOCI 250 - Contemporary Social Institutions
SOCI 354 - Families and Social Change

*two credit course