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Frequently Asked Questions

Why would I benefit from having a co-curricular experience on my transcript?

Employers and graduate programs are looking for evidence that you have developed essential skills in decisions making, critical thinking, teamwork, organization and much more.  Engaging in co-curricular experiences provides an opportunity to develop these skills.  Engage PLUS provides you with an avenue to document co-curricular activities on your academic transcript providing evidence to future employers and graduate programs. 

Will this show up on my degree audit?

Yes.  Once you have received pre-approval, the engagement experience will show up as a milestone on your degree audit.  Once the experience has been completed, the degree audit will show that it has been completed and a notation will also be added to your academic transcript.

What programs qualify?

The Engage PLUS applications are submitted directly by you and it is your engagement in the experience and the depth of the experience that will determine approval. There is not a list of approved programs, but we encourage you to ensure that your experience meets the criteria in advance. You can do this through the pre-approval process which is described later. Approval will be based on your response to the outlined criteria and the approver’s confirmation of your performance.

How do I apply?

Once you have decided to apply, go to or to MyNIU where you will find a link to the application. You will first submit a pre-approval which will require your designated mentor or supervisor to confirm that the experience, assuming you have adequately engaged, meets the outlined criteria. Once the experience is complete, you will go back into the application and submit the final application for approval. Your mentor or supervisor will be the approver.  Once approved, the Program Advisor for Engage PLUS will confirm that the experience can be transcripted.

What if my application is denied?

For more detailed information about the policies and procedures that will guide the Engage PLUS application process please see the Policies and Procedures (PDF).

Can I receive campus honors through Engage PLUS?

Yes. If you receive approval for academic transcript notation through Engage PLUS, you have an opportunity to receive the honor of Engage BRONZE, SILVER or GOLD Scholar. Engage GOLD Scholars will have completed at least four co-curricular engaged learning experiences in four different categories and will have an honors notation on their final transcript.  Engage GOLD Scholars will also be recognized in various campus wide publications