Dzero Detector Collaboration

Summer 2013 Workshop Home Page

The workshop will be held June 7-11, with meetings on Friday, Saturday, Monday, and Tuesday with Sunday being an off day. A reception will be held Friday and the workshop dinner will be held on Monday.

Workshop photo

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DeKalb County Visitor Guide (includes restaurants pages 39-45

Program Committee

Herb Greenlee, Dave Hedin, Bob Hirosky, Qizhong Li, Elemer Nagy, Slava Sharyy, Rick Van Kooten

Local Organizing Committee

If there are any questions please contact one of the organizing committee:

Dave Hedin                 815-753-6483(w), 815-517-0521(h), 815-793-9558(c)

Mike Eads                815-630-6277(c)

Mike Fortner

Sergey Uzunyan     815-793-1646(c)

NICADD office   FW230 Collen Bowers      815-753-2700 

physics office    FW202 Katie Ubik  FW202 815-753-1772  815-753-8565(fax)