DeKalb District 428


District 428-NIU Partnership

District 428 and NIU worked together closely for decades, but the partnership started in a new direction in 2003, when planning began for a professional development school. Paul T. Wright School opened in fall 2004 as a PDS and a school of choice with strong support from educators and the community. Due to high student performance and family enthusiasm, Wright was so popular that the annual lottery was always over-subscribed.

Spurred by a successful referendum that enabled the building of a new high school in 2008-2010, the NIU-428 partners began planning a high school PDS that would focus on educating students for global competitiveness. Also in the fall of 2010, enrollment changes caused a merger of Paul T. Wright and Chesebro schools into Founders Elementary, which became another new PDS. By 2012, District 428 had found the PDS model so valuable in raising performance of their students that they requested development of professional development schools in all 11 district buildings. The development process is underway.

Schools in the partnership include

Brooks Elementary

Cortland Elementary

Founders Elementary

Jefferson Elementary

Lincoln Elementary

Littlejohn Elementary

Malta Elementary

Tyler Elementary

Clinton Rosette Middle School

Huntley Middle School

DeKalb High School

PDS Goals for District 428

World-class student achievement including academics, activities, and citizenship.

Rigorous curriculum that matches expectations of higher education and the worksplace.

Superior preparation of pre-service teachers, whose skills match the needs of today's classrooms, including proficiency in skills for improving achievement of low-achieving students.

Excellence in professional learning that supports District 428 and NIU faculty in their pursuit of globally competitive student achievement.

National model of school excellence that leads to regional and national recognition.

NIU Student Engagement

NIU students enrolled in teacher preparation programs will take education courses on-site at the new high school and engage in extensive observations, clinical experience, and student teaching.


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