Motor Vehicle and Parking Regulations


+ Abandoned vehicles: Vehicles that appear to be abandoned may be disposed of in accordance with State of Illinois statutes or as follows. Vehicles that are found abandoned and/or inoperable in a parking area continuously for more than 15 days, after an appropriate warning, may be towed at the owner’s expense without any additional notice given.

+ Changes in lot designation, rules, etc.: These Parking Regulations may be changed from time to time as deemed necessary. Changes in lot designations are effective when the signs are changed. Such changes may be followed by a warning and notification period, during which fliers and warning tickets will be placed on improperly parked vehicles. Changes in parking rules and regulations sometimes may occur after the official Motor Vehicle and Parking Regulations booklet has been printed. Any such changes will be followed by a 30 day notification period during which time the changes will be posted online at These changes will also be available in printed form at Campus Parking Services. Such changes will become effective 30 days after posting.

+ Disabled vehicles: Please report disabled vehicle immediately. Call Campus Parking Services at 815-753-1045 between 7:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. Monday-Friday. On nights and weekends call the Department of Police and Public Safety at 815-753-1212. The vehicle must be removed within 24 hours. Vehicles parked in reserved, handicapped, 15 minute, or service spaces, or that are otherwise in violation, are not exempt from immediate towing (Section H.2.). Tickets received after notification may be appealed.

+ Illinois Rules of the Road, etc. are to be obeyed: Operators of vehicles on university facilities are expected to comply with the "Rules of the Road" and all other appropriate provisions of the Illinois Vehicle Code. (Illinois Compiled Statutes, 625 ILCS 5).

+ Legal parking: The responsibility for finding legal parking rests upon the vehicle operator. Convenience will not be a reason for violation of regulations. Vehicles must be parked within designated striped lines or within the width of the concrete bumper. Vehicles may not occupy more than one space. Parking is prohibited at all times on grass or tree plots, or any other place where parking would mar the landscaping of the campus, create a safety hazard, interfere with the use of university facilities, or obstruct traffic within a parking lot. There will be no parking in posted zones, yellow zones, fire hydrant zones, fire lanes, crosswalks, or sidewalks. Motorcycle parking: No double parking allowed.

+ Loading/unloading: Vehicles parking in designated loading/unloading spaces must use the vehicle’s emergency flashers. The time limits posted on the signs are strictly enforced.

+ Motor homes, mobile trailers, campers, vans, and other such vehicles are not permitted for use in university parking facilities for the purpose of living in the vehicle.

+ Non-permitted vehicles: Individuals visiting, attending, or employed by NIU are responsible for parking violations incurred by non-permitted vehicles they are operating.

+ Reserved spaces: Designated by number or department name. These spaces are posted as a tow risk.

+ Service/maintenance spaces: Monitored as reserved spaces. These spaces are posted as a tow risk.

+ Speed limits: Posted speed limits must be observed at all times. The speed limit within all lots is 10 mph.

+ Trailers: Vehicles pulling a trailer must use north end of Lot W or Lot O or pay a penalty for improper parking.