Parking Services


+ As appropriate, Campus Parking Services and the NIU Police Department enforce university motor vehicle and parking regulations; NIU Police Officers additionally police applicable laws under the Illinois Vehicle Code (Illinois Compiled Statues, 625 ILCS 5) as well as other relevant statutes.

+ Parking permits are required as posted, even during semester and holiday break periods and when classes are not in session.

+ Vehicles may be towed at the owner's expense for the following reasons:

+ Abandoned/disabled vehicles

+ Campus parking privileges denied

+ Illegal parking including unauthorized use of a handicapped space or reserved space

+ Three or more outstanding parking or traffic fines

+ Using a lost, stolen, altered, falsified or revoked NIU parking permit

+ Outstanding student citations may be reported to the Bursar's Office for collection. By registering a motor vehicle under these regulations or by using the university facilities governed by these regulations, an individual authorizes the university to collect all assessments due by charging the assessment to the individual's financial account and settling the amount due in accordance with the terms of that plan. Fines that have been transferred to a student’s Bursar account cannot be appealed.

+ University employees, by parking on campus, authorize the Payroll Office to withhold from their salary or wages the specific amount of assessments issued by Campus Parking Services upon exhaustion of all appeal procedures and in accordance with the State Salary and Annuity Withholding Act (Illinois Compiled Statutes, 5 ILCS 365/1). Additional related service charges will be assessed until paid in full.

+ A person with three or more outstanding parking or traffic assessments who does not pay or appeal the assessments within the time limits may be denied use of all university parking facilities or towed, regardless of whether the vehicle or the owner is registered and has a parking permit. When all assessments have been settled, the person's prior parking privileges may be reinstated. A person with eight or more issued citations within an academic year may have their parking privileges denied, vehicles may be towed at the owner's expense and the person may be charged with a $100 administrative fee for additional enforcement support and costs for additional violations.

+ Any person found to be in possession of a lost, stolen, altered, falsified or revoked NIU parking permit may be subject to a citation, arrest, Student Conduct and/or criminal/civil prosecution. Vehicle may be subject to tow.