Parking Services


Campus Parking Services: A unit of Operations under the Division of Administration and Finance.

Annuitant: An individual receiving a pension from the State Universities Retirement System whose last employer was NIU.

Employee: An individual who is employed by the university via the employment office known as Contracts, Records, and Reports.  A student employee who is employed via the Student Employment Office or the Graduate School is defined as a student with regard to the Parking Regulations.

Student: An individual who has applied for admission to the university, received permission to register, or has matriculated into a degree program. Summer school sessions and semester break periods are not considered to be a break in a student's academic pursuits.

Visitor: An individual neither attending nor employed by the university who operates a vehicle on campus.

Handicapped Parking: Available for use only by vehicles displaying handicapped or wheelchair license plates, state or municipality-issued parking card, and the appropriate NIU parking permit. Handicapped spaces are enforced at all times. Persons with special parking needs are encouraged to contact Campus Parking Services.

Pay-parking: Includes facilities regulated by payment to a lot attendant and facilities regulated by parking meters/pay stations.

University facilities: Includes all real property under the control of the Board of Trustees and encompasses the terms "lot," "spaces," "parking areas," "streets," and the like. References to streets include only university-owned streets.