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Student Permits

Student Online Permit Purchase

Student Permit Purchase (pdf)

2017-2018 Student Permits are now available for sale in our office for an additional $10.00 fee, or online. Permits that are purchased online are not subject to the additional $10.00 fee.

The type of permit that a student qualifies for is determined by student residential status.

Please note: We enforce parking regulations on campus much like any city. The fines assessed for parking violations can be costly. For example, the fine for parking in a handicap space without the proper permit displayed is $250, as set by state law! Please be careful to park in the appropriate lot and follow the parking regulations.

  • Yellow Parking Permit
    • Available to commuting students. Commuting students are students not living in NIU residence halls.  A reserved parking space may be available for an additional fee. 

  • Orange Parking Permit
    • Available to students living in NIU residence halls, on a first-come, first-served basis until limit is obtained. A reserved parking space may be available for an additional fee.

  • Brown Parking Permit
    • Evening/Limited Parking available to any student not living in university-owned housing.
  • Green Parking Permit
    • Remote parking, located north of the Convocation Center, in Lot C3, on the west side of campus, available at no charge. 

  • Motorcycle Parking Permit
    • Motorcycle permits are required for any motorcycle/scooter parked on campus. An annual motorcycle permit may be purchased at the discount rate of $10 online or $20 in our office for those with a valid parking permit. Green permit holders are excluded.

      Motorcycles can only park in designated motorcycle parking areas, their own reserve space and pay parking spaces. For those who rent a reserve space and plan on parking their motorcycle in that space, Campus Parking Services must be notified so your motorcycle permit number can be added to the sign.

      Motorcycles may utilize pay parking areas without a permit, but payment is required. Motorcycles parking in the visitor lot must pay to use this facility, regardless if a motorcycle has a permit, and must park in a designated motorcycle space.

  • Special Medical Parking Permission Permits ** Conditions/Information will not be shared**
    • Students requiring special parking accommodations due to temporary medical reasons must get a note from a physician in order to recieve three blue parking lots. The physician will determine the need for special parking permission and duration, to be granted on a semester by semester basis.  Students who meet the Secretary of State's requirements and have obtained handicapped license plates or placards may be issued special medical parking permission with a copy of the placard or license registration. Campus Parking Services may assess a $15 fee for each special medical parking permission permit it grants to students who own either a Green parking permit, or no parking permit at all.

  • Special Parking Permission Permits
    • Students requiring special parking accommodations due to extenuating circumstances, but not health related, may file a Special Parking Permission Appeal at Campus Parking Services. These appeals will be reviewed by the Parking Appeals Committee. The decisions of the Parking Appeals Committee are final. Campus Parking Services may assess a $15 fee for each special parking permission permit it grants.