Replacement Permits

A Parking Permit Lost/Stolen Report must be filed, with Campus Parking Services, if a vehicle is sold or involved in an accident and the permit cannot be retrieved, a new permit will need to be purchased at full price. If documentation is provided, regarding the sale of the vehicle or an insurance report is provided regarding the accident, the replacement permit may be purchased at a reduced fee of $10.00. If the Parking Permit Lost/Stolen Report is not filed, then the permit remains active and the person to whom the permit is registered is responsible for any tickets incurred.

When a permit is lost or stolen, a Parking Permit Lost/Stolen Report must be filed at Campus Parking Services as soon as it is discovered. A temporary permit may be issued, at no cost, for up to two weeks to allow you time to find your permit. If the permit is not found a replacement permit can be issued at a cost of $10.00.

If a missing permit is found, after the report is filed, it is the responsibility of the permit holder to notify Campus Parking Services. You may apply for a refund of the $10.00 fee.