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Permit Replacement and Restitution Fee/Policy

If a parking permit has been lost or stolen a Parking Permit Lost/Stolen Report must be filed at Campus Parking Services as soon as the loss is discovered.  A temporary permit may be issued, at no cost for up to two weeks, after which a new permit must be purchased at the $20.00 replacement fee.

If the permit owner has paid the replacement and finds the lost permit at a later date, Campus Parking Services will refund the $20 replacement fee when the lost permit has been returned to the office.

When a violator of a stolen permit is found using the permit, a ticket is issued for “Unauthorized Use of Permit” ($200.00 fine). Tickets for “Unauthorized Use of Permit” can be issued every ten days until the permit is returned to Campus Parking Services. The fine for restitution will be $30.00 until the “Unauthorized Use of Permit” fee is increased to include this cost.