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Employee Permits


NIU Faculty/Staff Permit Application

NIU Faculty/Staff Online Permit Purchase

  • Employees who need a permit for less than one semester can purchase a temporary permit.
  • Employees who need short-term special parking for medical reasons should contact Campus Parking Services.

Blue permits

Available to employees and non-university personnel working on campus in a contractual arrangement. A vehicle displaying a blue permit can park in spaces designated as blue.

Motorcycle permits

Motorcycle permits are required for any motorcycle/scooter parked on campus. An annual motorcycle permit may be purchased at the discount rate of $10.00 for those with a valid parking permit, (blue, brown, orange or yellow) issued for the same school year. The discounted rate offsets the costs of processing and the permit itself.

Motorcycles can only park in designated motorcycle parking areas except for reserve parking and pay parking spaces. For those who rent a reserve space and plan on parking their motorcycle in that space, Campus Parking Services must be notified so your motorcycle permit number can be added to the sign above the reserved parking space.

Motorcycles may utilize pay parking areas without a permit, but payment is required. Motorcycles parking in the visitor lot must pay to use this facility, regardless if a motorcycle has a permit, and must park in a designated motorcycle space.

Reserved parking

Reserved parking may be available for an additional fee. Reserved permit holders may also park in blue-designated spaces. If your reserved space is occupied by an unauthorized vehicle you will need to find available, legal, parking in a blue-designated space. You may contact Campus Parking Services, at (815) 753-1045, to report the unauthorized vehicle that is in your reserved space.

Renters of a reserved space may also be issued a privilege card. Privilege cards are only good for a specific reserved space and may not be used as a second permit by another person actively employed by or enrolled in the university. Reserved space privilege cards should be displayed in accordance with the instructions noted on the card.