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In June 2014, executives from P-20 Network communities colleges, school districts, and education organizations established work groups to devise and implement strategies to achieve the primary 60% by 2025 goal. The work groups - articulation, alignment of standards, student support services, and adult learners - address charges that include outcomes to be completed and/or progress reported at the semi-annual CEO meetings.

At the September 2015 meeting, the articulation and adult learners work groups combined, based on the shared nature of many of their activities. A B-3 work group, focusing on the needs of children from birth through grade three, was initiated at that same September meeting.

New objectives and deliverables were outlined for the work groups to focus their attention on in time for the February 2016 meeting.

Work Groups

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Alignment of Standards for Advancing Student Opportunities - 100% of students graduate from high school with 12-15 college credits and/or a professional certificate.

Articulation and Adult Learners - Create seamless transitions across the education continuum from cradles to careers, including adults returning to the classroom.

Student Support Services - Coordinate student support systems across institutions in the northern Illinois region to ease transitions and increase student success.

B-3 (Birth to Grade 3) - Collaborate with ongoing activities at state and regional levels that improve preparation of children from birth to grade 3 for success in school, family, and community life and to design initiatives that address unmet needs identified through research.