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Next Steps


Next Steps for Sophomore Students

Now that you are into your second year of school, many students think they have to have everything figured out. Sophomore year can still be about exploring your interest. Students are encouraged to declare a major by the end of their sophomore year though.

Below is a list of tasks and resources that can help you along your way during your Sophomore year at NIU.

Remember, if at any time you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the Office of Student Academic Success.

 Sophomore "Must Do" List

  • Finalize a Major:

    • Have you decided on a major? Discuss options or courses that may help you find the major that is right for you.
    • Are you aware of possible Limited Admissions Requirements within your major? Discuss these requirements with your academic advisor
    • Search the Career Services Major WebLinks to see what professions are related to specific majors
  • Become Engaged in Your Education:

    • NIU is nationally recognized for their opportunities in engaged learning. Take advantage of these opportunities and take an active role in your education.
    • Have you developed relationships with Faculty and Staff Members who could serve as one of your professional references
  • Stay Connected:

    • Check MyNIU regularly. This will allow you to see what you need to complete to be eligible to enroll, your financial statements as well as other important tasks. 
    • Check your NIU student e-mail. This is your connection with the university where important announcements and information from faculty, staff and university administrators will be sent.
  • Apply for Financial Aid and Scholarships

    • To make sure you take advantage of all opportunities available to you, make sure to Apply for Financial Aid. You might qualify for more than you think! 
    • The Scholarship Office can help assist you in the search for both NIU Scholarships as well as Private Scholarships
  • Meet with Your Advisor:

    • Schedule your appointment with your Academic Advisor for registration for the next semester.
    • Have you decided on a major? Discuss options or courses that may help you find the major that is right for you
    • Are you aware of possible Limited Admissions Requirements within your major
    • Planning to enroll in summer classes at another institution?  Talk with your advisor to make sure the courses will transfer back to NIU.
  • Get Involved on Campus!

Looking Ahead

  • Are you Interested in Studying Abroad?

    • NIU has programs for any major or field or study in over 75 different countries. Most courses are taught in English and funding is available for students who qualify. Make sure to contact NIU's Study Abroad Office for more information on these amazing opportunities.
  • Are You Interested in Internships?

    • Start talking with Career Services about opportunities for Internships, or some to the NIU Internship Fair to start interviewing and applying.
  • Do you Have Your Text Books?

    • Look at the NIU bookstores textbook search to see what courses require what books. There are options to purchase used text books or to rent them for a semester as well.
  • What will the Next Few Years Look Like?

  • Do you Want to Live On-Campus Next Year? 

 Key Dates and Deadlines

  • March 1st

    • This is the priority deadline for completing the FAFSA. To make sure you qualify for as much financial aid as possible, make sure to apply early.
  • January 1st - February 1st

    • This is when many of NIU's scholarship deadlines fall. This early deadline allows for students to know what scholarships they qualify for before their first semester of enrollment to NIU.
  • Visit Other NIU Calendars

Have a Question?

Ask Victor E, or please do not hesitate to contact the Office of Student Academic Success. We are here to help guide you through your journey at NIU!

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