Champion Award

The Office of Student Academic Success (OSAS) at Northern Illinois University is a multi-dimensional support services office that is committed to student success. As part of the NIU community, OSAS values the skills, talents, and expertise held by the exceptional NIU faculty and staff and appreciates their infallible willingness to collaborate on a multitude of student success efforts. While the comprehensive college-wide support network at NIU is outstanding as a whole, there are particular individuals who consistently rise above the rest when it comes to partnering with OSAS and supporting student success. We are honored to acknowledge their efforts, show our appreciation, and present them with an annual Office of Student Academic Success Champion Award.

  • 2013 Recipients: ACCESS, Angie Byrd, Robert Fleisher, Bri Lauka, and Ashleigh Sorenson
  • 2012 Recipients: Colette Maher, Dr. Greg Barker, Steve Estes, the Student Financial Aid Office, and Randi Napientek.

OSAS in the News

The Office of Student Academic Success (OSAS) is dedicated to professional development and committed to not only bringing the best in student retention and student success to the students at Northern Illinois University, but creating best practices in the field of higher education. As part of this initiative, OSAS values the skills, talents, and expertise of our amazing staff. Below is a list of some of our accomplishments as an office: