Success Coaching

Success Coaching


What is Success Coaching?

Success Coaching is an equal partnership between the student and the coach (Student Success Specialists), and concentrates on specific goals and the commitment to the planned outcomes. Success coaching guides students towards becoming their own best advocates and helps students take ownership of (and responsibility for) their educational process. Instead of prescriptive mentoring, in which students are told exactly where to go, what to do, and what to say, coaching identifies specific areas in which a student needs assistance or resources. The coach then works with the student to develop action plans to tackle the range of issues. There is seldom just one isolated problem, but more of a range of topics. For example, a student who seems to have simple time management challenges may, in reality, be struggling to balance studies and employment due to financial challenges.

What is a Student Success Specialist?

Student Success Specialists work with each of the academic colleges as well as the Academic Advising Center and the Division of Outreach. Specialists collaborate with students, their families, advisors, faculty members, and other administrators to develop appropriate action plans regarding personal and academic support issues. They connect students to relevant campus resources through direct referrals and personal connections. Specialists are committed to helping students persist and succeed in their academic endeavors and understand the demands and challenges that students may face while attending the university.

Who is my Student Success Specialist?

Academic Advising Center:
Missy Lugo

College of Business:
Missy Lugo

College of Education:
Scott Shippert

College of Engineering & Engineering Technology:
Ashleigh Sorenson

College of Health & Human Sciences:
Lauren Swanson

College of Liberal Arts & Sciences:
Rosanna D'Orazio

College of Visual & Performing Arts:
Ashleigh Sorenson