Hardwiring for Student Success

Hardwiring for Student Success

The Educational Advisory Board's University Leadership Council has engaged in research and created numerous best practices in student retention. The OSAS believes in and has implemented these practices to assist the students of NIU.

Building the Retention Early Warning System

Educational Advisory Board Initiative In Action at NIU
I. Creating Accountability for Success
Retention Management Office
Retention Policy Committee
- Strategic Enrollment & Retention Task Force
II. Identifying At-Risk Students
Early Academic Performance Reports
Absence Tracking
Course Management Software Usage Tracking
Financial Distress Monitoring
Transcript Request Monitoring
Social Engagement Flash Polling
III. Hardwiring Institutional Intervention
Intervention Tracking System
Unified Advising Records

Removing Barriers to Timely Graduation

Educational Advisory Board Initiative In Action at NIU
IV. Charting a Path to Degree Completion
Prescriptive Degree Maps
Degree Map Milestones
What if Degree Maps
V. Intervening with Off-Course Students
Transcript Audit Consultant
Unfulfilled Requirement Fixer
Senior Drop-Out Re-enrollment Outreach



University Leadership Council (2009). Hardwiring student success: Building disciplines for retention and timely graduation. Washington, DC: Educational Advisory Board.