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Online Teaching Concierge

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The Online Program Development and Support (OPDS) Office offers concierge-style service to faculty members involved in the design, development, and teaching of OPDS programs and courses.

This level of service is available to faculty who are collaborating with the Office of Online Program Development and Support to develop approved programs and courses. These faculty will receive an invitation from OPDS or their College/Department to complete an online teaching readiness self-assessment. The staff of the OPDS will use the results to create a Personalized Framework for developing online teaching skills. The Personalized Framework is a guidance tool that could include specialized events, recommended workshops, self-guided tutorials, and/or online teaching consultations. The process is designed to integrate into the OPDS course/program development timeline, to ensure a smooth and timely process, and to meet course delivery deadlines. 

Faculty developing courses independently are encouraged to take advantage of the Online Teaching Training opportunities or to contact the Faculty Development and Instructional Design Center to schedule one-on-one consultations.