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Online Course Quality Standards Implementation Plan

Northern Illinois is a highly competitive higher education market. The University will use the high-quality in its blended/online programs to establish its leadership in its region for meeting the educational needs of working adults. NIU is committed to implementing the internationally-recognized Quality Matters (QM) standards for the design of online courses, and will systematically build and evaluate online and blended courses based on these rigorous, research-supported standards.

The Quality Matters standards assure that courses promote learner engagement and provide students with the tools and information they need to be successful online learners. OPDS has been charged with incorporating QM standards into all phases of faculty training and course design processes and to develop the institutional capacity to conduct peer-led course reviews. OPDS will work with the Divisions of Academic Affairs and Outreach, Engagement and Regional Development to provide integrated support to departments and faculty for quality online course development as programs are prioritized to meet the needs of the region.

A detailed implementation plan has been drafted and will be posted here once finalized with the appropriate offices.