Developing Online Course Presentations

Faculty who are developing online courses typically want to use PowerPoint presentations just like they do in their face-to-face courses. But imagine going to a workshop, having the instructor turn on their PowerPoint and walk out of the room forcing you to read the slides to learn the materials. Not what you might expect. The same is true for online course presentations. Proper use of the technology means PowerPoint presentations should be accompanied by audio. 

Audio Slide Shows 

The eLearning team uses Adobe® Presenter software to help you communicate more effectively with engaging videos, audio, and interactive presentations.  In addition you can add quizzes throughout your presentations to make sure students are viewing and interacting with your lectures.

In developing your online course with the NIU eLearning Services team your instructional designer will help you through all of the steps in the process, for example: 

  1. You begin by sending a copy of your PowerPoint presentations to your instructional designer (ID).
  2. Your ID will check the content for anything that might quickly date your materials, such as due dates and textbook page numbers.
  3. The ID will then help you record audio for each of your presentations.
  4. The eLearning team will then edit the audio to take out all the "ums", "ahs", and mistakes to make you sound great!
  5. The eLearning team will transcribe your audio to make sure it is accessible.
  6. In the mean time the eLearning graphic designer will be reviewing your presentations to add your programs template, make suggestions on adding graphical images, and adding some polish. 
  7. Your presentations are then uploaded into the Blackboard Content Collection and linked to your course.
  8. You are provided with a copy of all materials for safekeeping and future use. If you don't want to purchase Adobe® Presenter (under $200 from NIU ITS) to make your own edits, you can submit changes to your instructional designer to make the changes for you.

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