Director's Welcome


NGOLD Director's Welcome

NGOLD is an interdisciplinary center that serves undergraduate students, faculty and researchers, and nonprofit leaders in the northern Illinois region and beyond. Our mission is to enhance civil society through the work of nonprofits and other forms of public service.

We are pleased to offer an undergraduate major in Community Leadership and Civic Engagement (CLCE) that prepares students for challenging and rewarding careers. CLCE majors are given the opportunity to choose an area of emphasis in Advocacy, Arts and Humanities, Enterprise, Environment, and Global engagement so that courses are tailored to their unique interests. Classes are taught by faculty from the NGOLD Center and a wide range of disciplines, including anthropology, sociology, economics and NIU's nationally ranked business and public administration programs.

Furthermore, we emphasize engagement by our students. Through service learning, volunteerism, internships, and study abroad programs, CLCE students gain practical experiences to supplement traditional curriculum. This allows students to merge theory with practice to develop critical skills that build their resumes with meaningful activities both in and out of the classroom.

Beyond academics, NGOLD offers services and programs to nonprofit organizations while also engaging in research endeavors that align with our core mission. We believe that nonprofits fill fundamentally vital roles within society and it is our privilege to work with these organizations and carry out research that promotes growth within the field.

I believe strongly in NGOLD’s and the CLCE major's potential and welcome the opportunity to speak with you about how our goals may align with yours.

I look forward to hearing from you and working successfully with you.

Nancy M. Castle, PhD
Director and Professor