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Community Leadership and Civic Engagement Major

Arts & Humanities Emphasis Area

The Arts and Humanities emphasis is a great option for those students with an artistic side or who have cultural interests such as theatre, music, film, and museums.

James Whistler said, “An artist is not paid for his labor but for his vision.” Through this emphasis area students will be introduced to a broad range of topics related to their artistic interests, while also developing the vision needed to be a leader in the workforce. This emphasis is a good option for students that want to pursue careers such as: Museum Curator, Archives Specialist, Production Manager, Stage Manager, Artistic Coordinator, Tour Guide, and Exhibit Coordinator, among others.

Students interested in the Arts and Humanities emphasis must select five of the following courses from at least three different departments:

  • ANTH 462  Museum Methods  
  • ART 457  Museum Education  
  • ART 465  Introduction to Museum Studies  
  • HIST 352  Popular Culture in Japan  
  • HIST 383  Latin America through Film  
  • HIST 390  Film and History  
  • MUHL 326  Survey of World Music  
  • MUHL 431  Music of Southeast Asia  
  • MUHL 432  Music of China  
  • THEA 203  Introduction to Theatre   
  • THEA 370  History of Theatre and Drama I  
  • THEA 371  History of Theatre and Drama II  
  • THEA 475  Contemporary Theatre  
  • THEA 480  Studies in American Theatre History